Golf Sinteppadon

Hey there! I am Golf Sinteppadon, an Software Engineer who loves to make awesome websites!


Seattle Band Map

Featured in a article, Seattle Band Map is an experimental map of local bands. The user-submitted bands connect to each other if they have played together or have shared a band member. The result is a monstrous spiderweb of the Seattle music scene.

Mad Castles

Score Validator for the board game The Castles of Mad King Ludwig, co-authored by Karl Jiang. After spending many hours playing this 2-4 player board game, we wanted to create an app that helps players more easily calculate their castle score. Mad Castles lets you input your castle and tells you how many points it is worth. See an example completed castle.

Stanford Symphony Orchestra

The Stanford Symphony Orchestra website is where fans and members of the symphony to get the latest news on the group. Its redesign, which was timed out with the debut of Stanford's new Bing Concert Hall on campus, gives it a fresh new look and makes it easily editable through Wordpress.

Virtuoso Sheet Music

Virtuoso is a concept sheet music device that is designed to replace a musician's sheet music library. The site was done for a University of Washington design class, where our team gathered feedback from student musicians to try to rediscover sheet music.

Side Projects

AI Soccer

Watch the beautiful game

Chuck Norris Fact Generator

A different fact every time


Blocky's Page

GS Paint

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